Carlie Finch founded 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC 2011. Honeymooned in Aruba and fell in love with traveling. Since my honeymoon 2005 I have personally visited over 50 Countries in the world (Caribbean, Australia, Africa, Europe, New Zealand and so may more locations). Love exploring new exciting destinations to share with you. I am passionate about my job and love helping other plan a dream getaway. 

Travel Consultant, Tennessee girl
and married to my bff

Meet your planner!

Have you been to every Sandals/ Beaches Resort? Yes more than once I have personally been to all the resorts. Things change constantly at resorts so it is important to be up to date with all the new exciting things to share with you! 

How long have I worked with travel?
The owner and founder of 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC since 2011.

My Honeymoon. 
Aruba in 2005 

How many countries have I traveled? Over 40 countries and can't wait to visit more locations. 

Favorite Travel: Anywhere I have an addiction to travel and can't get enough of new exciting destinations around the world! Africa is one of my favorite destinations for travel. We visited Serengeti National Park, Johannesburg and Kruger National Park.

About me

Specializing in experiential trips and helping you make memories for a lifetime. Focusing on creating and designing the best, most exuberant getaway you can imagine. taking your expectations to a new level and surpassing them with exceptional service, and first hand experience of your preferred location this is not a vacation, this an adventure.

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