Clint Finch co-founded 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC in 2011. Since I was child, I have always loved the adventure of travel. The world is such an amazing place to explore and I enjoy helping people experience it. 

Travel Consultant

Meet your planner!

Have You Been To Every Sandals/ Beaches Resort: Yes, I have personally vacationed to each of the resorts multiple times. I feel it is important to actually know the product that you sell as clients deserve this and appreciate us staying up-to-date with the latest changes.

How Long Have I Worked in Travel: 13 years I have been involved in our company. 

My Honeymoon: Aruba in 2005 

Interesting Fact: Owned a CPA firm for over 14 years and recently sold to work full-time with my wife in the travel industry. 

How May Countries Have I Traveled To: 45 and counting 

A Favorite Destination: In the Caribbean- Jamaica or Turks & Caicos. Outside of the Caribbean- New Zealand or Africa. 

About me

Specializing in experiential trips and helping you make memories for a lifetime. Focusing on creating and designing the best, most exuberant getaway you can imagine. taking your expectations to a new level and surpassing them with exceptional service, and first hand experience of your preferred location this is not a vacation, this an adventure.

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