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  Another great episode of the Travel Journey Podcast! Today is the 2 of us- myself and Kayla chatting about Sandals Resorts. Today we are going to discuss one of our favorite all-inclusive resorts —–Sandals! With 17 Sandals Resorts and one of them opening in May 2023 — there really is something for everyone to […]

Podcast ep 3 – Your Dream Destination Wedding in the Caribbean

Podcast     Welcome to the Travel journey podcast brought to you by 2 Travel Anywhere and today is the 2 of us! I’m Carlie the owner and founder of 2 Travel Anywhere since 2010!  And today, I’m joined by my good friend and business partner Kayla. We are so excited to host our very […]

Podcast Ep 1 – Meet Carlie and Kayla, Your Travel Journey Gurus!

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