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Get Your Passports Ready and Join Us Live in Greanda at Sandals Resorts!

March 21, 2022

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Wonder what it is like to travel to Grenada? You can by joining us LIVE!

We are going to Grenada! Join us LIVE April 3rd from Sandals Grenada Resort

  • Where we will discuss your FAQ-
  • What is the resort like?
  • What is included at an all-inclusive?
  • Why sandals resorts?
  • Is it worth upgrading your room or just stay in the cheapest suite?
  • What does the resort look like in Grenada?
  • How is the beach
  • How crowded is the beach?
  • How was it traveling with the COVID?
  • What is the difference between the standard room, club level and butler level room?
  • Would you recommend a honeymoon registry?
  • What excursions should I book in Grenada?

We’d love if you can join us for our travels in Grenada! We will be LIVE on Instagram @2travelanywhere

Sandals Grenada Resort
Sandals Resort
Sandals Grenada Resort

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